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Using Moodle to facilitate learning

Moodle is the Concordia-supported Learning Management System (LMS), a secure online space to post content, engage in learning activities and facilitate class communications.

MOODLE 4.1 upgrade

Go to Carrefour for all your questions about this upgrade, get training and find support.

Accessing your Moodle course

Moodle courses are automatically created before the beginning of a semester. Instructors and students are added to the sites by an automatic process. Moodle can be accessed by visiting Carrefour or

For more information on accessing Moodle, refer to: Access the Moodle learning management system (LMS)

Help with Moodle

  • Concordia's Quick Access menu will be available within Moodle 4.1. You can install this app on your computer (Windows only) or in the Chrome browser (Windows & Mac) to access documentation and instructions for over 140 Moodle tasks and processes.
  • Help for instructors (Moodle login required)  is a Moodle site offering documentation and training resources. 
  • For technical support using Moodle, contact the Moodle team.
  • For pedagogical advice on how best to use Moodle for your course, contact the CTL.
  • Moodle will upgrade from version 3.9 to 4.1 in January 2024.

Getting started with Moodle

What Moodle can do

Moodle can enhance any course, whether it's online, blended or face-to-face, by offering:

  • Anytime, anywhere, access to course content and activities
  • Accessible formats for those with learning disabilities and language barriers with the Brickfield Accessibility+ Toolkit
  • Course communications
  • Group activities
  • Assessment activities (including assignments and quizzes)
  • Tools for gathering student feedback

Regardless of how little or how much you use Moodle, it can be a powerful tool to help students achieve learning outcomes, facilitate coursework and communications, and improve accessibility. 

How to use Moodle

You can share and display course content such as documents and media with Moodle. It can also facilitate activities, including assignment submission and grading, discussion forums, peer editing, and collaborative spaces (e.g., wikis). The most popular uses of Moodle include sharing content, collecting and grading assignments, administering and grading quizzes, and discussion forums. Explore the Moodle activities and resources list to discover the variety of learning activities you can use in your course.

Please refer to the links below for resources on integrating Moodle into your course.

Student resources

IITS offers a range of Moodle support materials for students. You may provide the following information to students in your courses as required to help get them started.

IITS Moodle help for students

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