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Using Moodle to collect feedback from students

This page has been updated to reflect the Moodle 3.9 upgrade

***The content on this page will be continually updated.

Last updated: September 18, 2023, 10:53 a.m.

You can use the Moodle Feedback activity to conduct surveys for the purpose of collecting feedback from students. These surveys can be done anonymously or can be attributed depending on the purpose. The Feedback surveys can be used in many different ways, but are most commonly used as pre-course surveys, mid-course evaluations and end-of-course evaluations.

Different kinds of feedback in a course

The purpose of a pre-course survey is find out specific information about students to better respond to their needs and shape the course. The questions you ask will depend on what information you determine is important as you plan your course. For example, it might be worth knowing what students' experience with that topic is, what their grade was in the prerequisite course or if their major is related to the course topic. Other relevant information might include any challenges they anticipate in completing the course, any special needs or other pertinent information.

A Sample Pre-course survey is available in the Templates area of Moodle feedback, with pre-populated questions that you can edit as a starting point. Please refer to the instructions below on using a Feedback template.

The purpose of a mid-course survey is to get feedback on your course and teaching, and in doing so, the outcome should be specific changes or adjustments to teaching. The questions should help you determine what is working well in your course and what changes you can make to help students succeed in your course.

For more information on using Mid-Course surveys in your class, refer to the Mid-Course Evaluations page.

Sample Mid-course surveys are available in the Templates area of Moodle feedback, with pre-populated questions that you can edit as a starting point. Please refer to the instructions below on using a Feedback template.

Module surveys can help you get feedback on new instructional techniques and approaches. For example, if you have designed a new module in your online or blended course and want feedback, you can ask specific questions related to the design and delivery for that week only. You can use this information to help plan future weeks.

If you are teaching course that will not be formally evaluated, you can conduct your own end-of-course evaluation.

Two Sample Course Evaluations (and one abbreviated questionnaire) are currently available in the Templates area of Moodle feedback with pre-populated questions that you can edit as a starting point. 

These questionnaires are desgined to be adapted. They include a wide range of questions tht may not be application to all courses. You are encouraged to remove or modify nonapplicable questions and add your own.

Please refer to the documents below for a list of questions in each.

Setting up a survey in Moodle using the Feedback activity

Your feedback survey can host a variety of questions including choice (one answer or multiple answers), short or long answer, numerical, and more. 

The following video gives step-by-step instructions for adding the Feedback activity to your course.

Adding a feedback survey based on a template

Concordia currently offers ready-made templates for a Pre-Course Survey and Mid-Course surveys, which can be edited once uploaded. The following video gives step-by-step instructions on how to add a survey to your course based on a ready-made template and edit the questions.

***Please note that this video is based on Moodle 3.5 though much of the explanations relate to the updated 3.9 version. Updated video coming soon.

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