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Maida Hadziosmanovic

PhD Student

Junior Associate

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

Maida’s research interests are founded in addressing corporate accountability for climate change. She aims to develop a more complete idea of global corporate GHG emissions, to better understand the various aspects of a business that could predict corporate emissions, and to align business objectives with global climate objectives. As previous findings have shown that most public companies worldwide do not disclose their GHG emissions, Maida’s objective is to fill this gap and develop an alternative method for emissions accounting which is independent of individual company emissions accounting efforts and dependent on aspects of a business. Thus the key research question addressed is whether a statistical model can be created to represent corporate GHG emissions?

Maida is also interested in issues related to reporting and regulation of corporate GHG emissions, as well as GHG accounting transparency. She is working in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, under the supervision of Dr. H. Damon Matthews.

For more information, visit Madia on LinkedIn or contact Maida.

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