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Contribute to a sustainable future where digital tools are part of the solution.

Why we need your help

The digital revolution is transforming society at a rapid pace and scale. This transformation could either have catastrophic impacts on people and the planet or it could support an inclusive transition to a sustainable future. Time is running out to act. With your help we will:

  • Raise awareness on the climate impact of the technology we use, to form better digital habits;
  • Combat misinformation on climate and sustainability issues;
  • Educate different groups of people on the best use of digital tools for climate and biodiversity action;
  • Provide training on how to be a leader in digital sustainability.

Support this initiative and help create a sustainable future through inclusive digital innovation.

A young girl wearing a pink polo t-shirt and cropped jeans is sitting on a stump in the woods with a laptop on her lap.

About us

At Sustainability in the Digital Age we connect sustainability science, digital innovation and community know-how to find solutions that work for people and the planet. 

We advocate with our network for inclusive voices to lead digital sustainability decision making so actions taken will result in positive outcomes.

Based out of Concordia University, we convene diverse stakeholders, create high-level reports, statements, peer-reviewed articles, and action plans for a more liveable planet.

Contribute to a sustainable future where digital tools are part of the solution.

514-848-2424, ext. 3884 or 1-888-777-3330

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