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Sara Weinberg Award for Excellence in Teaching

Our goal

To endow the Sara Weinberg Award for Excellence in Teaching so that we can support future ECEE students for many years to come.

Honour Sara's outstanding contributions to the Early Childhood and Elementary Education program and support the next generation of ECEE students.

Sara Weinberg

Sara Weinberg was the Director of the Early Childhood and Elementary Education (ECEE) program and the Director of Student Training from 1984-2018.

Sara was the heart and soul of the ECEE program and responsible for the school-based internships. Her love of teaching and working with students made all feel welcome, valued, and appreciated. She had a magic way of working out problems and helping students achieve their fullest potential. Students greatly appreciated her experience, knowledge, kindness, and willingness to help them succeed in their studies and as novice teachers.

Sara was Concordia’s best ambassador in building strong and positive relationships with schools in the Montreal region and for building the fine reputation of the ECEE program.

Sara Weinberg

"I contribute to the award to honour Sara, a valued and loved colleague from whom I learned so much about teaching, education, and life. Sara was a special friend for 32 years — the consummate professional and a role model for me. I remember her wonderful smile, infectious laugh, and passion for teaching and life!"


— Dr. Nina Howe, Professor, Department of Education

Why we need your help

Your donations will help to recognize an exceptional ECEE student who will continue to contribute to the fine reputation of the program. More importantly, this future teacher will foster the love of learning in children’s educational experiences for many years to come.

Every donation makes a difference in providing students the encouragement and motivation to achieve their goals. If you are a Concordia employee, you can make your gift through payroll deduction, an easy and convenient way to make a meaningful contribution to encourage the next generation of teachers following in Sara's footsteps.

Please give generously in remembering Sara and support outstanding ECEE graduates.

"I am grateful for the generosity of donors who are committed to helping university students reach their potential. I am honoured to be the first recipient of the Sara Weinberg Award. For others to recognize my passion and commitment to education is an inspiring and humbling experience. 


As I step out into the field and become the teacher I have been training to be, I hope to pass on my knowledge and help others realize their own ambitions and and success. Thanks to you, I am now closer to this future aspiration."


— Alyssa Snow, BA 19

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