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To help support the annual JMSB graduate student ICOP Social Business Case Competition, which inspires social responsibility among future business leaders.

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What is ICOP?

The International Community Outreach Program (ICOP) is a student-run initiative at the John Molson School of Business which offers graduate business students meaningful opportunities to get exposed to social business issues and international development.

ICOP’s mission is to create a meaningful bridge between business, education, communities and NGOs in developing countries.

This program allows JMSB graduate students the opportunity to:

  • Take part in an internship with NGOs in Columbia and Uganda. The interns work in different areas such as micro-finance, market analysis and consulting. 
  • Attend the Social Business Speaker Series, an event to raise awareness on social issues and challenges among business students. Students get an opportunity to interact with industry experts and learn about corporate social responsibility.
  • Compete in the annual Social Business Case Competition, a one of a kind competition wherein graduate business students get an opportunity to solve business issues faced by an NGO in a developing country.
ICOP Social Business Case Competition

ICOP Social Business Case Competition

The ICOP Social Business Case Competition is a case competition based on real-life challenges faced by a NGO in a developing country.

Open to all JMSB graduate students, the case competition invites teams of 4-5 students to present innovative solutions to a panel of experts from the academic, non-profit and private sector. Teams participate for the chance to win a cash prize and to truly make a difference in communities around the world.

The competition’s main objectives are to:

  • Stimulate social responsibility among future business leaders.
  • Demonstrate how MBA knowledge can be used in not-for-profit causes.
  • Encourage graduate business students to intern and volunteer at Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Promote the principle of the triple bottom line, whereby a business is evaluated along its financial, social and environmental/ecological dimensions

This year’s competition will take place on November 10, 2018.

Why we need your help

The competition cultivates a culture of community and social responsibility among budding Concordia business graduates. It allows students to apply knowledge and skills gained during their studies to a different kind of business model: a departure from the traditional profit-driven framework.

Funds raised will support the recruitment of and gestures of appreciation for judges, provide equipment and supplies to competing teams, and subsidize networking events. 

Watch past competitors in action:

Help us become the next-generation of socially responsible global leaders!


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