Garnet Key Endowment

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Our goal

To establish an endowment that will fund an undergraduate entrance award in perpetuity.

Our project

The Garnet Key Entrance Award is intended to encourage and reward students pursuing an undergraduate degree at Concordia University, whose commitment and spirit towards community involvement and academic excellence reflect the values exemplified by the Garnet Key Society. In addition, we seek to raise awareness of the Garnet Key Society.

Who we are

The Garnet Key is a voluntary group sponsored by the university's president and administration, which serves to promote a positive image of Concordia University.

The Garnet Key is more than a society. While demonstrating academic excellence, Garnet Keys are also deeply committed to community engagement within and outside the university. During their year-long mandate, these university ambassadors officiate as ushers at formal university events and organize a community service project that benefits the community at large.

Teresa Seminara, our FundOne ambassador, is a former member of the Honour Society. Her fondest Garnet Key memories were formed during the vibrant, purposeful, enriching and inspiring moments she experienced with her fellow Keys.

A word from the Garnet Key Alumni Chapter president

The desire of the Garnet Key Alumni Chapter — as well as the Garnet Key Society itself — has always been to build an active and loyal alumni base and to increase visibility and status of the society.

Creating an endowment fund to help future students provides an excellent opportunity to further our common goals. By associating the Garnet Key name to such an award, we'll expose more students to the society earlier in their Concordia lives. This will increase competition for membership in the society, all the while demonstrating the society’s desire to help those in need.

Despite academic success, not all Garnet Key Society members have the means to pay for their education.  It is therefore imperative for the people who have benefited most from their membership in the society to open doors for those students most deserving.

Patrick Samborsky
President, Garnet Key Alumni Chapter

Garnet Key $8,000 reached

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