The District 3 Makerspace

The District 3 Makerspace

Our goal

To purchase the tools needed to make prototypes rapidly and effectively, a must for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

District 3

Named for the three ideals of innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship, D3 is a centre dedicated to giving Concordia students the resources they need to bring an idea closer to its potential impact on society.

At D3, budding entrepreneurs exchange ideas with peers from other disciplines and receive coaching from experts drawn from Montreal’s entrepreneurial community.

What is the Makerspace?

The District 3 community needs a place to prototype, advance, and test their ideas. We must be able to provide it! At the Makerspace, the members of District 3 — Concordia hackers, entrepreneurs, and innovators — can familiarize themselves with prototyping equipment (motion capture devices, laser cutter, 3D printer, and so much more). With the right resources, we’ll be able to learn how to build electronics, such as simple robots or remote controlled sensors. Through the ability to rapidly prototype ideas, we will open more opportunities so as to be ready for the quickly-changing future.

Thanks to donation and grants, (we've already raised $5,000 dollars through Concordia's Sustainability Action Fund) the D3 Makerspace is partially equipped. We have an oscilloscope, a device used to measure the efficacy electric currents, a brain-computer interface device which allows for the electrical impulses from the brain and a Microsoft Kinect, but we need MUCH more.

If we raise the additional $10,000 we will be able to buy:

  • A laser cutter machine, a $2,000 device that allows users to cut, shape or mold acrylics, fabrics or metals into just about any shape imaginable.
  • A Printer Bot 3D printer, a $2000 device that allows users to print 3D shapes in polymer and other materials
  • Kinect Motion Capture Device, a $200 device that captures movement onto video and transfers it to a programmable software 
  • Google Glass, a device that allows all of the accessibility of a smart phone in a pair of glasses. It operates with the natural movement of the eye.

Why Give?

Your support will literally put tools into the hands of members of our community, and contribute to the development of the next great invention. The success of today brings about the world of tomorrow!

Who’s using the Makerspace now? 

D3 MakerSpace is now a member of the FabLab network, an international organization whose mission is to provide anyone the means to invent using technology and digital fabrication.

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District 3
District 3

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