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Jean-Marie Lacasse Scholarship

Honour the memory of Jean-Marie Lacasse with a gift to a scholarship for Stingers women’s hockey players in his name.

Our league

In 1988 a group of Concordia faculty, staff, alumni, and other friends formed an early morning hockey league at the Loyola rink. Our philosophy was to have fun with no skill level limitations. Participants have been highly skilled and beginners; younger and older; male and female and ethnically diverse. We have hit the ice two mornings each week, every year since — except for two Covid-19 winters.

Each morning new teams were created to facilitate people getting to know individuals from other areas of the university. Everyone was given both a light jersey and a dark jersey so on any given day they could wear one or the other.  To ensure that the competition was fair, a judicious volunteer needed to balance the teams by assigning players by skill level. If there was a five-goal difference, the teams would be adjusted.

Jean-Marie Lacasse

Jean-Marie joined the group in the early years. He was a very good defenseman from Rouyn who might have been drafted by the NHL, if it weren’t for family circumstances. A university donor, he was kind, generous, friendly, understanding and a big supporter of the Concordia Stingers. He had a way that was firm but fair, and quickly took on the delicate role of team arbiter and rule enforcer!

On the ice, he commanded respect and off-ice, he regaled us with interesting tales. He played and served as our team coordinator for over 15 years, until his retirement from the game at the age of 74.

About the scholarship

Jean-Marie remained actively involved in the league until his premature death at 75. Together we decided since he represented the epitome of what the league was all about — sportsmanship, friendship, and fun — we would direct our annual donations to Concordia to a scholarship in his name.

The annual Jean-Marie Lacasse Scholarship is given to a player selected from the women’s Concordia Stingers hockey team: A team which represents the values we all share as members of our league, and that we know will do justice to the memory of Jean-Marie Lacasse!   

Honour the memory of Jean-Marie Lacasse with a gift to a scholarship for Stingers women's hockey players in his name.

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