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Christopher Jackson Bursary

A Fine Arts student support inititiative led by Perla Muyal and Rebecca Duclos.  


The Christopher Jackson Bursary is a one-time bursary for fine arts students who are experiencing serious financial difficulty. It is considered an ‘emergency fund’ for students who demonstrate need as well as dedication to the fine arts.  

Why the Christopher Jackson Bursary Matters

This time of economic uncertaintly has left students particularly vulnerable. Part-time and other forms of employment on which they rely has dwindled significantly, leaving many students unsure of how to pay rent or for groceries.

Recognizing this urgent need, former dean Rebecca Duclos and recent retiree Perla Muyal have asked supporters to express their well-wishes through a donation to the Christopher Jackson Endowment.

The late Chris Jackson joined Concordia’s Department of Music as a faculty member in 1977 and was dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts from 1994 until 2005.

Recognizing the unique financial circumstances of Fine Arts students, long-time Concordia champion Emaral Investments Inc. established the bursary in 2005.  

Since that time, many faculty, staff and alumni have continued to donate, increasing the number and value of bursaries, and reaching more students in times of need.

Today Rebecca and Perla ask you to help expand this important endowment. Please give generously today.

Chris Jackson in 2011.

Message from Perla

In my time in Student Academic Services, I have met students who work hard, who sometimes have young families, who truly struggle to make ends meet and find their place in the world; to figure out where they belong!

They have a passion, drive and a spark which everyday impresses me. They made me work harder, seeking creative solutions to their myriad states of confusion and need. I have met students faced with robberies, sexual assault, bankruptcies, apartment fires, who must find new and safe accommodation which will allow them to weather the storm and find a stable lifestyle.

These are the people I think about as I seek to leave behind a bit of myself, a bit of love, compassion, encouragement; for, even amidst the unpredictable chaos of their lives, they must have the opportunity pursue their dreams to completion.

I know you also have met them, they are in your classes! They persevere to make art that will resonate in our society, and may allow us moments of self-reflection so that we can affect change towards a unified and peaceful future.  

Please join me in giving to the Christopher Jackson Bursary today.

About Perla Muyal

Perla joined Concordia as a BFA student in the mid-1980’s, and dedicated almost 30 years to advising students in Student Academic Services. Overseeing the extremes of success, Perla helped students struggling to keep pace with university academics and those whose success afforded additional opportunities.

Message from Rebecca

In my last semester of high school, I moved into my first apartment above a bookstore owned by my friend's mother. It was a grand adventure — until a fire started in the building next to us and we lost many of our possessions.

While at University of Toronto, I was on a road trip returning to Toronto from my hometown in Maine. It was a grand adventure — until I was wrongly detained at the border and had to find accommodation until I could (successfully) argue my case with a supervisor 72 hours later.

After finishing my Master's, I was a Visiting Fellow at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. It was a grand adventure — until the first installment of my fellowship failed to arrive, leaving me destitute for nearly two weeks.

In each and every case, someone came to my aid. Whether neighbours, family members, compassionate contacts, or university administrators, I was fortunate to find support when I needed it most. I will never forget how that freezing feeling of panic-mode adrenaline can alchemically change into an all-body sense of warm relief once help has been found.

I urge you to find your inner alchemist, and help us turn students' panic into blissful relief. Join me in giving to the Christopher Jackson Bursary. Absolutely every contribution helps. I know from experience.

About Rebecca Duclos

Bringing international experience and demonstrated institution leadership skills from her previous role at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Rebecca Duclos completed her five-year mandate as dean of the Faculty of Fine arts in 2019, and continues to teach Art History at Concordia.

The Christopher Jackson Bursary is a one-time bursary for fine arts students who are experiencing serious financial difficulty. It is considered an ‘emergency fund’ for students who demonstrate need as well as dedication to the fine arts. 

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