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Provide emergency financial support to Concordia students in need

Why we need your help

Many students struggle financially while trying to complete their studies. On top of tuition, students must also cover the cost of school supplies, rent and other living expenses into their budget. 

As a result, there is sometimes very little or no money left for groceries.

In some cases, an already tight budget is stretched by unexpected expenses or unforeseen circumstances. Some students get caught up in a bureaucratic tangle when loans take weeks, if not months, to arrive. Some international students currencies fluctuate greatly while paying expenses in Canadian dollars.

With COVID-19, it has been especially difficult for many students who are already stressed and in desperate need of support. Many have lost their jobs and other forms of income, while continuing to have expenses to worry about.

Managed by the Dean of Students office, the Student and Emergency Food Fund distributes grocery store gift cards to students in need, safely, through a digital or in-person process.

Thanks to the Student Emergency and Food Fund, we are able to distribute more than $55,000 worth of grocery cards a year valued between $100 and $200.

Your donation of gift cards has fed me the belief that I can survive and will thrive within this generous community that is Concordia.

Concordia student beneficiary of the Student Emergency and Food Fund

The Student Emergency and Food Fund continues to make a significant impact on students’ lives, and they have expressed gratitude for this service.

Even though the Concordia community has shown incredible generosity time and time again, student needs persist. This is why your support is so important. 

By giving to the Student Emergency and Food Fund you show students that a community of supporters care for their well-being outside of the classroom and want to help them through a difficult time.

Please give generously and relieve some of the most pressing financial burdens on campus.

Help students in desperate situations by offering a lifeline, encouragement and grocery vouchers during a time of need. 

We welcome the opportunity to help make your philanthropic priorities a reality.

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