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Help students from across Canada benefit from a next-gen education.

Our unique student profile is in jeopardy

Walk into any boardroom, startup or studio and you may well find a Concordian at the helm. Our graduates are trailblazers, risk-takers, creators and makers who raise the bar.

At Concordia, you will find a unique blend of Quebec-based students, students from other Canadian provinces and territories, and international students hailing from some 160 countries. Our students composition is both rare and transformational. It brings a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, skills and ideas to the fore - which help shape our graduates into globally minded thinkers and doers.

The Government of Quebec's recent tuition increase for undergraduate students from provinces outside of Quebec drastically impedes Concordia's ability to attract new students from coast to Canadian coast.

Your support for the Canada Scholars Awards ensures the Concordia experience remains accessible to talented students across Canada.

You can help change the picture

Though the increase poses a major challenge for students from outside Quebec who wish to study at Concordia, there is a solution. To help offset the increase, Concordia launched the Canada Scholars Awards, which will offer up to $4,000 per year to students applying from high schools across the rest of Canada.

Eligible students will automatically receive this award without needing to apply. The award will be renewed in subsequent years provided the candidate completes 24 or more credits per year and maintains a 3.3 grade point average (GPA) or higher.

Currently, more than 3,600 undergraduate students at Concordia come from out of province. Approximately 980 of them began their first semester in fall 2023. Current enrolment projections show that this number would plummet in fall 2024 without the introduction of the Canada Scholars Awards.

Support the Canada Scholars Awards and help students from across the country realize their potential at Concordia.

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