Help us raise awareness and support the needs of Concordia’s Black community.

Who we are

The newly created Black Perspective Office (BPO) is led by our founding coordinator, Annick Maugile Flavien, and falls under the umbrella of Concordia University’s Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic.

The BPO’s mission is to provide resources and support, and to link to and advocate for Black perspectives, initiatives and scholarship at Concordia. Our office will host programming, connect networks and champion Black perspectives. We also offer funding, mentorship, advocacy, assistance and resources for Concordia’s Black community and beyond.

The work of the BPO is informed by the generations of Black students and community activism in Montreal and at Concordia that has laid the foundation for work that addresses and challenges anti-Black systemic racism.

It is this social action that has made it possible for our pilot project, the Black Perspectives Initiative, to become its own office and we look forward to creating an office that best represents, services and is informed by the amazing Black perspectives and activism, which made it possible for us to grow.

"Donor support to the Black Perspectives Office truly highlights how driven the Concordia community is to mobilize for the wellness of its members.


Your donations make it possible for us to raise awareness around the needs of Concordia's Black community at this time in history."


— Annick Maugile Flavien, founding coordinator, Black Perspectives Office

Why we need your help

Your donation helps us address our most pressing areas of need, including scholarships, developing Black mental health resources, student job opportunities and community building.

For this first year, the BPO will focus on the wellness of Concordia’s Black community. It has been a particularly difficult time for our students, staff and faculty and we are dedicated to building a foundation of wellness that allows the community to thrive for years to come. We are in the process of planning a programming and networking series devoted to the wellness of our Black staff and faculty.

Another important aspect of our work is to promote awareness around the many forms of anti-Black racism and particular considerations for the spectrum of needs of Concordia’s Black community. We will also encourage agency and self-determination in Concordia’s Black community through mentorship and project funding.

By giving generously today, you play a vital role in ensuring a fair and safe environment for members of Concordia’s Black community.

Black Perspectives Office Flavien organized “Symbols of Resistance,” a residency project and art show about Black art by Montreal-based Black artists, in 2018.

Help us raise awareness and support the needs of Concordia's Black community.

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