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Tashi Alexander-Ryan

Program: Graduate Diploma in Chartered Professional Accountancy

Date of entry: 2017
Expected graduation date: 2018 Fall

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Other cities lived in: St. Andrew's, Grenada
Languages spoken: English and French, learning Japanese
Most recent job: Tax Nimbus Canada: Co-Founder (2020 – Present) and Self Employed: Independent Accounting Consultant (2017 – Present)

Why did you choose JMSB?: I choose JMSB for multiple reasons. First, JMSB has an incredible case competition program which I wanted to be apart of for the excellent learning opportunities that would be within my reach if I worked hard enough for it.

Secondly, JMSB has a great reputation within the business world with such accreditations like the AACSB that proved to me that the quality of education being given at this educational institution is exceptional.

Thirdly, the environment at JMSB is very welcoming and students are always willing to help each other which made me feel like I could make long lasting friendships and partnerships which is crucial to being successful in the business world.     

Highlights of Program: I have many highlights of JMSB’s Graduate Diploma Chartered Professional. Firstly, the professors within the program were all great and had a lot of real-world experience and knowledge to share with us as student which enriched the material being thought to us.

Secondly, the summer program for Capstone I and Capstone II was an unforgettable experience which brought students together and created life long lasting friendships.

Favourite place in Montreal?  John Molson School of Business (Seriously)

Future Aspirations?: I have a lot of plans for the future. Firstly, I started both a sole proprietorship and corporation within two years of graduating JMSB and I plan on starting more businesses going forward.

Secondly, I’m currently giving back to the JMSB community by helping student associations in multiple ways however I would like to have an impact on the JMSB curriculum in the future.

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