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Scott Wu

Scott's LinkedIn

Program: MBA (Part-time)
Term of entry: Fall 2016  
Expected graduation term: Fall 2019

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Languages spoken: Chinese, Shanghainese, English, French
Current job: Technical Consultant at Nakisa

Why did you choose JMSB? I work nearby to Concordia so I would pass by JMSB twice a day. Seeing the many young and confident students on campus, I decided that this would be where I pursue my MBA.  JMSB is widely known in Montreal as a leading business school. This fact was also a rare consensus among my friends, my boss and even the babysitter!

Focus of Program: Business Administration - Strategic management and critical thinking

Highlight of your program, so far? When I started my first MBA course, Financial Accounting, I had been out of school for five years and had little knowledge on the subject. My midterm result was a C, but I didn’t give up and worked really hard to bring my final grade up to A-.

Favourite place in Montreal? Going to Avenue Mont-Royal with my family, looking for brunch on the weekend.

Future aspirations: The knowledge I have gained from JMSB is incredible and practical. I’m excited to put all these new skills to use in my career. Being a person who has long been used to interpreting things from a technical or engineering standpoint, the MBA taught me how to look from a whole new perspective. I’d love to combine my technical expertise and business skills from the John Molson MBA to better serve the IT industry through consulting.

What do you wish you knew before coming to JMSB? I've eaten at lots of places close to JMSB, but I never realized that I could save money by showing Concordia Student ID at many of the restaurants!


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