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Priya Chinta

Priya's LinkedIn

Program: MBA (Full-time)
Date of entry: Winter 2018
Expected graduation date: Fall 2020

Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Other cities lived in: Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Houston, Texas; Long Island, New York
Languages spoken: English, Telugu, Hindi, beginner French
Most recent job: Materials Physicist by training. Research Fellow at Brookhaven National Lab, New York, and the University of Vermont.

Why did you choose JMSB? Coming from the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and Research background, I had a keen interest to pursue an MBA to better understand the business and strategic aspects of the technology industry. My goal for the program was to get a grasp on various business functionalities. Professionally, I was also looking for a change in my career path. I felt that JMSB offered a well-structured MBA program that met my requirements. The faculty at John Molson are committed to excellence in teaching. The program is flexible and has various electives and options to choose from. Another great aspect of the program is the opportunity to work in Co-op and gain practical, hands-on experience working on real business problems. Additionally, John Molson offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities.

Highlights of Program: Meeting people from different educational, professional and cultural backgrounds. I feel these aspects play a significant role when working in teams. Each one brings different perspective and fresh thinking to the problem or project at hand. I personally learnt a lot through these interactions. 

Favourite place in Montreal? I have quite a few favorites in Montreal. To name a few: Home, Rene Levesque Park and driving on Blvd Saint-Joseph.

Future aspirations: To work in one of the top consulting firms and eventually move towards small business consulting.  

What do you wish you knew before coming to JMSB?: That the MBA program is quite intensive. One must be committed to give their 200%.

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