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Matteo Pisano

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Program: Graduate Diploma in Chartered Professional Accountancy (CPA)
Graduation Date: Fall 2019

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Languages spoken: English, French and Italian
Most recent job: Senior Auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (2017 to Present) – specialization in Real Estate and Asset & Wealth Management (Financial Services, Private Equity, Pensions)

Why did you choose JMSB?: Put simply, JMSB is an incredible institution. It is a community and network of unbelievable people housing a myriad of opportunities beyond the four walls of the classrooms. JMSB is home to one of the largest case competition programs in the world, home to a renowned student exchange program, and home to associations and committees that volunteer their time to allow students to develop personally, academically and professionally. I chose JMSB to be a part of these initiatives, complement my studies with these unique opportunities, and built inspiring relationships along the way.

Highlights of Program: The quality of instruction is notable – instructors elevate their students to a level where they engage in critical thinking and deep learning. Instructors leverage their extensive real-world experiences to convey the course content. The program is also extremely flexible, and complements a full-time working schedule. Finally, the program exposes us to compassionate, inspiring and intelligent candidates, with a variety of different backgrounds, with whom important and enduring relationships are built.

Favorite Place in Montreal: The many of Montreal’s public food markets (Jean-Talon and Atwater)!

Future Aspirations: Use what I have learned in accountancy and finance to help drive important business decisions at both the individual and corporate levels. Continue to partner with dynamic organizations that value the 3Ps equally: People, Planet and Profit. I also want to continue contributing to JMSB by teaching and involving myself (where possible) in the curriculum, to help shape the future of the program and the way it is delivered to the next generation of students.


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