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Lauren Benamor

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Program: Graduate Diploma in Chartered Professional Accountancy

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Languages spoken: English and French
Current job: Intermediate accountant at BDO

Why did you choose JMSB?: For my bachelors at JMSB, the many decision factor was the CO-OP program. I did two internships; one at a big four accounting firm and one in industry. The work experience could apply it towards my CPA practical experience. Overall, that experience has the added value of applying knowledge from the classroom in real life. 

After my bachelors at JMSB, I wanted the classroom environment for the CPA program. Furthermore, I wanted the interactions with the professors and to be able to ask my questions in person. The program also had some professors that I really enjoyed from undergrad.

Highlights of Program: Capstone summer where I grew close to my friends (study group). 

Favourite place in Montreal? Old Montreal

Future Aspirations?: I plan to remain in firm for a few more years then go to industry and specialize.

What do you wish you knew before coming to JMSB? It's more than just learning and getting a job. theres opportunities to build personal and professional relationships. The network you built after all the years is just as valuable as the education.


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