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Hirak Chakraborty

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Program of study: Full-time MBA

Date of entry: Fall 2019
Expected graduation date: Fall 2021

Hometown/Home city:  Kolkata, India
Cities lived in before Montreal: Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore
Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Bengali

Most recent position: Assistant Brand Manager (MBA internship), Johnson & Johnson 

Why did you choose John Molson School of Business? The biggest reason for choosing John Molson over the other schools was the excellent experiential courses offered. Besides the highly flexible course structure and class schedules, the experiential learning courses offer a unique opportunity to gain first-hand industry experience. The school truly allows you to go beyond a regular business degree and into a holistic growth experience as a business professional. 

Highlights of the program: Life at the school has been great fun so far. I take an active interest in case competitions and have already won 1st place at the ICOP Case Competition, as well as 3rd Place at the Concours KGP Case Competition. Additionally, I was selected to represent our MBA program at the Rotman A4S International Case Competition. 

Favourite place in Montreal: The green hills of Mont-Royal! 

Future aspirations: I aspire to work in the field of Brand Marketing and apply the skills learned during the MBA to create successful and innovative marketing communications and strategies for great brands. Additionally, my extensive experience with case competitions have fuelled me with an acute interest in strategy consulting and am open to explore the world of consulting too. 

What do you wish you knew starting the program? I always knew the residents of Montreal and Canadians in general are wonderful people. But coming to Montreal to join John Molson School of Business was an eye opener. Montreal really is a melting pot of culture and diversity. Our school forms the epicentre of this beautiful diaspora and fosters a wonderful culture of diversity. 



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