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Andrea Arrunategui

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Program: Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
Date of entry: Fall 2019
Graduation date: Winter 2020

Hometown: Chiclayo, Peru
Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Previous Position: Planning Assistant for VIPORLANDO LLC. (Rental Property Business)

Why did you choose John Molson School of Business?
 John Molson is an excellent choice for Business students. it is a well-recognized university in the field, has many people from abroad, provides excellent job opportunities, and prepares you for it with the right resources, not only professionally but also personally. Essentially, it will make you develop into the best version of yourself!

Highlights of the program: I really enjoy the school environment, the Molson Building is just gorgeous! I love to study there and I am really impressed with all the activities you can get involved in beyond class.

Favourite place in Montreal? Pachamama (best Peruvian restaurant so far in Montreal!)
Future aspirations? I want to keep studying and I am looking forward to pursuing an additional specialization in Business. I also look forward to making a positive impact in the community through volunteer programs in the country and outside.

What do you wish you knew before starting the program?: I wish I’d have known about all these Incredible workshops to improve my performance and skills in business before I got here so I would enroll earlier in so many!

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