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Aristofanis Soulikias:
My inspiration

The black silhouettes of three people are visible against a yellowish-brown background. The background features the outline of a building’s façade, complete with two arches. The leftmost silhouette appears to be drinking from a long pitcher with a long spout; the person pictured appears to be standing still; the right-most silhouette appears to be a woman carrying a purse over her left shoulder. Scene from "Last Dance on the Main". Animated documentary on the endangered built and social fabric of Montreal’s Lower Main. Selected among TIFF’s Top Ten in 2015 and screened in more than 65 festivals worldwide. Photo credit: Aristofanis Soulikias.

How can the city be sensed, understood and expressed in film animation techniques that involve handmade physical material?

I am inspired by the piazza, the public space of the city, a place of encounters, planned and random; by buildings that have been touched and by streets that have been stepped upon by people who are here or gone; by lively conversations in cafés about politics and love that spill onto the sidewalks; by the fleeting, pensive or suggestive glances that weave the city. I am inspired by the movement of it all, its animation. I wish to assemble all of its pieces, craft them with my own hands and make it live again, frame by frame.

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