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Economics Graduate Research Day

The Economics Graduate Research Day is an annual event in the Department of Economics which provides an opportunity for graduate students to showcase their research. MA and PhD students in Economics were invited to participate by presenting a completed or ongoing research project, whether it is the MA research paper or thesis, research expanded from a course assignment, one or more chapters of the doctoral dissertation, or any other research project pertaining to Economics. The Department of Economics thanks the Economics Graduate Students Association (EGSA) for its support.

Award recipients of the 2024 edition (March 22, 2024)

First place: Hosam Alarabi (co-first author: Sati Semnani), The Silent Barrier to Education: Unveiling the Impact of Adolescence Mental Health on Academic Success
Second place: Lauren Cosenza, Vertical Interactions in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in the Presence of a Generic Substitute
EGSA award: Meriam Arifa, Analysis of Immigration Patterns Pre and Post Democratic Transition: Evidence from Tunisia

Best MA poster: Mubina Hirani, The Impact of Rental Control on Housing Quality across Provinces in Canada
Best PhD poster: Munkh-Ireedui Bayarjargal, Social Security Disability Insurance in an equilibrium search model
Best poster, EGSA vote: Siming Xie, Cultural activities and social segregation: An economic analysis on friendship networks
Best MA poster: Jijia Cao, A Game Theoretic Study of Soccer
Best PhD poster: Olha Hnatyshyn, Multiple International Environmental Agreements: an alternative approach to tackle climate change
Best poster, EGSA vote: Hangyeol Seo (MA student), Comparison of the COVID-19 Impacts on Labour Markets in Canada and South Korea
Best MA poster: Manuel Michael Lepage Lévesque, Limited-Action Processing (LAP) games
Best PhD poster: Karla Iskandar, Employment Insurance across Canadian Regions and Labor Mobility
Best poster, EGSA vote: Samuel F. Pichette (PhD student), Let me persuade you
Best MA poster: Marco Ioffredi, Inequality Profile: Differing Effects on Growth?
Best PhD poster: Asefeh Salarinezhad, Matching with Consecutive Acceptance Intervals
Best poster, EGSA vote: Rouzbeh Ghouchani (PhD student), Preference Aggregation for Couples
Best MA poster: Yiwen Chen
Best PhD poster: Farrokh Darvishi
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