Economic Policy Courses

A New Coordinated and Contemporary Approach by the Department of Economics

senator-loffreda-dr-noce Senator Tony Loffreda discussing the Fall Economic Statement 2022 with economics professor, Dr. Anthony Noce, over brunch. The Senator is excited and looking forward to continuing the discussion on January 30, 2023, at Concordia University. He is encouraging everyone to attend the Economic Policy Armchair discussion. ⒸAnthony A. Noce

The Department of Economics is pleased to publicise that its economic policy courses, ECON 318 Canadian Economic Policy and Institutions and ECON 319 International Economic Policy and Institutions, will be fully coordinated.  

The mode of delivery and student performance evaluation have been changed in order to align the quality of learning to larger trends and substantial challenges facing society and to link the courses to Concordia University’s strategic initiatives. The policy courses are distinguished from the other B.A. courses in the Economics programs, which commonly provide more abstract technical training, with less opportunities to apply theory to “real world” policy problems.

  • To present current and ongoing issues and/or debates in economic policy debates
    • For example, Climate Change and Increasing Income Inequality are and will be important public policy issues for many years to come. Some of the issues that dominated economic policy debates in the past were mostly local in scope, but their importance has generally retroceded.
  • To understand that economic policy choices of the future are the ones which you, as citizens, will need to analyze
    • Therefore, these courses have two major themes: economic growth and environmental sustainability.
  • To debate the merits of the different policy alternatives as presented by experts
  • To understand the sources and drivers of economic growth
  • To establish links between economic theory and the current economic situation
  • To critically analyse current societal challenges using the tools of economics

The Department of Economics' policy courses present three unique features:

Senator Tony Loffreda

Economic Policy and Institutions: An Armchair Discussion with Senator Tony Loffreda

Monday, January 30, 2023
1:15 to 2:30 p.m.
MB Conference Centre, Room ABCD
9th floor, 1450 Guy, Montreal (QC)
Registration required.  

Join the Department of Economics in welcoming Senator Tony Loffreda to Concordia for an armchair conversation about economic policy and governmental institutions. Anthony A. Noce, coordinator for economic policy courses and faculty member with the Department of Economics, will lead the discussion and encourage the audience to ask questions to Senator Loffreda.

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