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Graduate student alumni

Our MA alumni find positions at corporations, government organizations, in the private sector and in financial institutions as economic analysts, insurance advisors, financial managers, corporate economists and project managers, among others. Some find jobs in the education sector as cégep teachers. Our PhD students are placed in academic and research jobs at universities, corporations, and the financial sector, or work as senior analysts for a government agency.    

Alumni placement data, 2010-2023

The Department of Economics reviewed data from the 2010-2023 alumni, reaching out on LinkedIn to increase the number of connections to our Alumni group and to get a sense of the professional roles our alumni have attained so far. We managed to collect data on 268 out of 399 alumni who obtained a graduate degree (Graduate Diploma, MA, or PhD) from our department between 2010 and 2023.  

  • The private sector is the most represented amongst our alumni group, with 63.43% reporting working in a privately owned company: banking, higher education, and IT services/online solutions are the most frequent.
  • Analytics represents 39.71% of the occupation type for our graduate alumni. This grouping includes jobs such as data scientist/analyst and policy analyst in a variety of industry sectors (banking and finance being the most common).
  • 47% of the graduate alumni group still report living in the Greater Montreal area. In total, 72.28% live in Canada.
  • 46.67% of our PhD alumni report being employed or active in higher education: 12 have a teaching role, one identifies as a researcher, and one as a student.
  • 17 of the 29 graduate alumni working in government are employed by the Government of Canada.

  Thesis Title Supervisor Graduation 1st Placement Current Placement
Rouzbeh Ghouchani
Studies in Mechanism Design
Dipjyoti Majumdar and Szilvia Pápai 2022 Sessional Faculty, University Canada West
Faculty, University of British Columbia
Asefeh Salarinezhad
Static and Dynamic Theoretical Studies on Improving Matching Design Szilvia Pápai 2021 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa
Dilek Sayedahmed
Refugee Settlement and Other Matching Problems with Priority Classes and Reserves: A Market Design Perspective Szilvia Pápai 2020 Senior Economic Policy Fellow, British Columbia Ministry of Health
Senior Economic Policy Fellow, British Columbia Ministry of Health
Pooya Ghasvareh Fairness Comparisons of Matching Rules Szilvia Pápai 2019 Lecturer, Matrix College
Biostatistician / Researcher, Health Canada
Fatina Siblini Three Essays on the Labour Costs of Caring for Elderly Parents in Canada Tatyana Koreshkova 2019 Assistant Professor, Concordia University Assistant Professor, Concordia University
Biva Arani Mallik Revisiting the Environmental Kuznet's Curve in the Presence of Trade Effrosyni Diamantoudi 2018 Assistant Professor,
East West University, Dhaka
Assistant Professor,
East West University, Dhaka
Stefania Strantza International Environmental Agreements - Heterogeneity, Transfers and Issue Linkage Effrosyni Diamantoudi 2018 Assistant Professor, Concordia University Economics Professor, Vanier College
Uma Kaplan Three Essays on Collusion in English Auctions: Theory and Application Artyom Schneyerov and Szilvia Pápai
2017 Assistant Professor, Concordia University Senior Data Scientist, National Bank of Canada
Iftekharul Huq Three Essays in Empirical Economics Damba Lkhagvasuren 2017 Assistant Professor,
East West University, Dhaka
Assistant Professor,
East West University, Dhaka
Gazi Mohammad Jamil Three Essays on Inter-Provincial Labour Mobility of Canada  Damba Lkhagvasuren 2017 Assistant Professor, University of Dhaka, Dhaka Assistant Professor, University of Dhaka, Dhaka
Feng Jiang

Government Policy, Trade under Oligopolistic Competition and Pollusion

Effrosyni Diamantoudi 2017 Assistant Professor,
Renmin University of China 
Assistant Professor,
Renmin University of China 
Amal Dabbous Three Essays in Commodity Price Dynamics Bryan Campbell 2015 Assistant Professor,
Beirut Arab University
Assistant Professor,
Saint Joseph University, Beirut 
Yu Liu Credit Migration of an Internal Rating System for a Canadian SME Loans Portfolio Bryan Campbell 2015 Quantitative analyst,
AVP, State Street
Quantatitive Analyst,
VP, State Street Bank
Hirbod Assa Hedging and Pricing in Incomplete Markets: Theory and Applications Nikolay Gospodinov 2014 Assistant Professor,
University of Liverpool
Assistant Professor,
University of Liverpool
Di Liu Essays in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics Prosper Dovonon,
Artem Prokhorov
2014 Senior Analyst, 
National Bank of Canada
Senior Econometrician,
Yves Tehou Fiscal Transparency, its Determinants and Consequences for Developing Countries Eckhard Siggel 2014 Assistant Professor,
Concordia University
Senior Research Analyst, Canada Revenue Agency
Jade Haddad Portfolio Credit Risk Modeling for a Canadian SME Loans Portfolio Bryan Campbell 2013 Senior Analyst, 
Portfolio Risk Management (BDC, Montreal)
Global Capital Allocation Leader (GE Capital, Greater NYC Area)
Xingfei Liu Three Essays on Educational Decisions and Labor Market Outcomes of Youths: An Empirical Analysis of Second Generation Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities Jorgen Hansen 2012 Assistant Professor,
Concordia University
Assistant Professor,
University of Alberta

Sources: LinkedIn data and Concordia Advancement

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