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Our goal

To encourage resilient Science and Engineering students to achieve their full potential.

The award

The Carlini-DeLuca Undergraduate RISE Award for Resilience in Science and Engineering Pathways to Success was established in recognition of remarkable Concordia undergraduate students in Science and Engineering, who are future-focused and optimistic about their path to success despite navigating through personal strain and exceptional challenges.

The award offers financial encouragement after a 50% eligible credits completion or following their second completed year of their undergraduate degree.

The purpose of the undergraduate award is to fund two annual awards in the spring and fall semesters.


Why we need your help

More and more students rely on financial aid to make ends meet. On top of tuition, students need to factor in the cost of school supplies, rent, groceries and other living expenses.

Receiving an award has demonstrated positive effects on a student's life; more time to concentrate on their studies and the drive to reach the top.

In order to support these two awards in perpetuity, we need to raise $75,000. We have contributed $30,000 and hope you will join us and support Concordia’s next generation of student scientists and engineers.

The Carlini-DeLuca family

Concordia alumni Dr. Rina Carlini BSc (chem.) 93 and Tony DeLuca, BComm 91, were married following their undergraduate degree at Concordia, supported by one another through the challenges of completing a stressful undergraduate education.

Carlini experienced hardships along her professional and personal journey to become an award-winning scientist. Without DeLuca's constant emotional and financial support, she may have given up at several points along the way. She felt that it was time to create a special award to recognize undergraduate students who have shown high resilience and grit — those who persevere against the odds and rise up to their potential for success as a scientist or engineer.

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