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Support CP3 — Concordia Precious Plastic Project — a student initative to repurpose plastic waste on campus into new items.  

About CP3: Concordia Precious Plastic Project

Students at CP3 believe recycling and re-purposing plastic is important, and it is everyone's duty to ensure the quantity of plastic used is minimized in our community. 

CP3's mission is to address the plastic crisis by creating 3D printing filament and eco-friendly items by repurposing Concordia’s plastic waste for the communities of Montreal.

How does CP3 re-purpose plastic? In four steps:

  • Collect it: gather plastic waste from collection bins located on Concordia’s campuses: water bottles, food containers, PLA prototypes from 3D printers.
  • Wash it: collected waste is separated and washed on campus to be ready to use and repurposed into a new plastic object for any students to use.
  • Shred it: the plastic is separated by type and each type (PET, HDPE, and PLA) is shredded into pellets separately in the shredder machine.
  • Shape it: the plastic pellets are made into new plastic items by means of extrusion, sheet press, injection molding, and compression.

Why your gift matters

To keep up recycling efforts, CP3 needs a space and new equipment.

CP3's solution is to create their own locale and house their project in a renovated shipping container. The container abides to safety requirements, which makes it a safe location to house machines, re-purpose plastic, and host workshops!

With your help, we hope to have the container in place on campus in 2021.

Please give generously today. You can be the change that breathes new life into this eco-transformative initiative.

Support CP3 — Concordia Precious Plastic Project — student initative to repurpose plastic waste on campus into new items. 

514-848-2424, ext. 3884 or 1-888-777-3330

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