Our goal

To support the programming and operations of CJLO 1690AM by purchasing the required equipment, software and assets.


Help CJLO 1690AM continue to provide community-centred, independent programming for Concordia and Montreal.

About CJLO

CJLO is Concordia's only radio station. 100% non-profit, and run almost entirely by volunteers, the station is located in the heart of the Loyola campus in the NDG borough of Montreal.

Streaming seven days a week starting in early 2003, CJLO began broadcasting on the AM dial throughout the Montreal area in 2008. Our on-air personalities form the backbone of a station hosting more than 80 programs for Concordia's 50,000 students and a wide range of other communities in the Montreal region.

In May 2022, CJLO 1690AM was voted as Montreal’s Number One Best Radio Station in the annual Best of Montreal Readers’ Poll from Cult MTL.

CJLO is always looking for innovative ways to give back to the community. We need your help to continue to support the local music scene as they continue to endure hardship throughout this pandemic.

CJLO also provides essential hands-on training for emerging journalists or anyone looking to start a career in broadcasting. Many of our volunteers go on to work for CBC, Radio-Canada, CTV, TSN, and more.


We offer programs in almost every genre. From metal to electronic dance music, experimental acid jazz to guitar-based jam, acoustic folk music to math rock, CJLO has everything you need. Some of our highlights include:

  • Ashes to Ashes: CJLO's weekly dose of synth-pop, electro-pop, ambient-pop, and more with a special focus on local artists, hosted by Alex Viger-Collins.
  • Noethekulcha: Voted #1 Best Radio Show in Cult MTL’s Best of Montreal 2022, Prince Rara takes listeners through Montreal’s hip hop and dancehall scene.
  • Hooked on Sonics: Best in new underground rock with live performances from the likes of Julie Doiron, Fucked Up, METZ, Zola Jesus, Wintersleep, and more, hosted by Omar Sonics.

In addition to programming, CJLO's 50 volunteers contribute to our online magazine, production department, news team, maintenance and equipment, event planning and more.

CUSP CJLO DJ’s celebrating at the radio station's annual Diego Awards Ceremony.

Our goals and how your donation will help

We kept our promise from last year. 

We managed to thrive during 2021 thanks to supporters like you. Our programmers met the challenge of remote broadcasting head-on, and were able to create innovative shows throughout 2021, flourishing to new heights during our Funding Drive. 

We have successfully branched out into spearheading digital-first projects, such as Mapping Montreal Music, which invited listeners to a borough-by-borough documentary experience about the Montreal music scene as well as an accompanying app, now available for beta testing on iOs.

We’ve been stayin’ alive. And we were still climbin’. But right now, like you, we’re Livin’ for the City.

CJLO 1690AM has its sights set on growing bigger, better, and louder in the coming years thanks to recent developments in our production and video departments. We want to use our programming to create new connections to Concordia staff and faculty. We also want to continue uplifting our music scene as they continue to endure hardship throughout this pandemic. We want our programmers to explore new ways to strengthen their shows through state-of-the-art equipment, software, and assets.

We know how generous the Concordia community is. And we want to continue to give you the imaginative, creative programming that you have come to know and love.

Please give generously and support our annual fundraising drive today!


Visit cjlo.com to get involved and learn about all the great things we've been up to!

For general inquiries, please contact (514) 848-8663.

Help CJLO continue to provide community-centred, independent programming for Concordia and Montreal.


514-848-2424, ext. 3884 or 1-888-777-3330

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