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Concordia University Foundation

The Concordia University Foundation, incorporated in 1991 and operational as of 1996, exists for one purpose: to be the best possible fund management partner for Concordia. 

Our partnership flourishes through the generosity of alumni, friends, faculty, staff, corporations, foundations and, especially, volunteers and staff members. Our combined efforts help create and foster an environment in which teaching, learning and research positively affect the quality of life in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world.

The foundation plays an important role in ensuring the viability of Concordia’s numerous programs and initiatives. This happens through the continuing development of the foundation’s financial resources. While some gifts are used for short-term needs, the investment of gift proceeds for long-term and endowed purposes is essential.

Total assets under management include donated designated and endowed capital, as well as contributions from other capital sources at Concordia. The largest component of invested assets is the foundation’s long-term investment pool, which is managed in accordance with the portfolio-investment policy established by the foundation’s board upon the recommendation of the investment committee.

The Concordia University Foundation is managed by Concordia’s Office of the Treasurer and governed by a Board of Directors.


Since 2019, the Concordia University Foundation (CUF) has committed to achieving 100 per cent sustainable investments by 2025.

The foundation has established criteria for its investments, focusing on responsible and social impact investments, and chosen fund managers and strategies that are aligned with this goal. As a result, the foundation has moved away from certain types of investments, including in fossil-fuel companies in the Carbon Underground 200 (CU200), and focused on areas such as education, youth and water.

The five-year transition, started in 2019, will be finalized by the end of 2024. The CUF has already aligned most of its strategies and funds with the 100 per cent sustainable investing goal.

No. The endowment fund consists exclusively of donations — it does not include any tuition fees. The endowment fund is used primarily to support research projects and provide scholarships, both of which directly benefit Concordia students.

Because of its 100 per cent sustainable investing strategy, the CUF has set criteria and moved away from certain investments, including the arms industry.

In 2024, investments linked to Israel represent 0.0001 of all investments within the strategies and funds that are already aligned with the CUF’s 100 per cent sustainable investing goal. These investments are managed by students as part of a course on sustainable investing, which allows students to make fund management recommendations to a supervision committee. The investments are subject to change with every new course.

No, the pension fund is a separate legal entity from the university. Its investments are managed by its own board for the benefit of Concordia employees.

The CUF is actively exploring ways to increase transparency with regard to its investment practices, decision-making processes and reporting. For years, the investment strategy has been informed and shared with the Joint Sustainable Investment Advisory Committee (JSIAC), which is composed of student and faculty representatives. More detailed information about the foundation’s transparency initiatives will be presented to the JSIAC in fall 2024 and will be shared with the community.

For more information

Read the annual report or write to:

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Denis Cossette, President
  • Mr. Howard Davidson, Chair of the Board
  • Mr. Brian Edwards, Vice-Chair of the Board
  • Mr. Paul Chesser
  • Ms. Christine Lengvari
  • Mr. Andrew Molson
  • Mr. Richard J. Renaud
  • Dr. Graham Carr
  • Mr. Lorne Steinberg
  • Mr. Jeffrey Tory

Honorary directors


Member, Principles for Responsible Investment

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For more information about the Concordia Foundation, please contact:

Ms. Andrea Renaud
Recording Secretary
514-848-2424, ext. 5895

For inquiries about tax receipts or making a donation, please contact:

University Advancement
514-848-2424, ext. 4856  

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