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Sustainability Hub Workgroup

The Concordia Sustainability hub workgroup is an open-door collective of motivated Concordians who aim to actively support each other, individuals and groups working towards creating a culture of sustainability.

Sustainability Hub - Sustainability Champions


  • Enhancing awareness and visibility of sustainability initiatives on campus;

  • Providing opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing for sustainability initiatives;

  • Provide a variety of insights into University affairs relating to sustainability;

  • Promoting the various sustainability initiatives on campus;

  • Serving as the selection committee of the Sustainability Champions Awards to recognize and celebrate sustainability efforts on campus.


The idea for the Sustainability Hub workgroup arose out of a desire for greater communication between people working on different sustainability initiatives at Concordia.

As interest in sustainability continues to grow and more initiatives develop, it is important for the key stakeholders in sustainability to maintain strong communication ties.

This enables stakeholders to be informed on the sustainability initiatives of various groups or departments around campus in order to maximize collaboration and resource sharing.


How to get involved

The Concordia Sustainability Hub Workgroup is an open group at Concordia; we are always looking for new members who are starting or actively engaging in sustainability projects at Concordia.

If you or your department/group/association would like to join the Hub Workgroup, please send an email to

Sustainability Hub Lunch & Learns

Because the topics of Food, Waste, Climate Change, Research, and Curriculum form the basis of our Sustainability Action Plan, we engaged Concordians in its development through a series of Lunch & Learns. In the Lunch & Learn videos we hear from the students, faculty and staff making change at Concordia around these topics.

Research Lunch & Learn Video Thumbnail
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