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Your Pathway to Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Do you want to learn how to develop an idea into something tangible? Are you keen to enhance your employability skills for the startup world and beyond? Or do you simply want to further your understanding of what it takes to be innovative and entrepreneurial? StartupReady is the program for you!

An entrepreneurial mindset is fueled by curiosity, geared towards problem-solving, and driven by a desire to bring about change in the world. This mindset and its accompanying skill sets are valuable across disciplines and can help distinguish you in a wide variety of workplaces, within and beyond the tech sector.

StartupReady will initiate you into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation by bringing you through a series of experiences to help you:

  • Build your entrepreneurial mindset and skills in the areas of agile management, presentation & storytelling, customer discovery, prototyping and design thinking; and

  • Expand your network with like-minded peers and industry leaders through collaborating with students across disciplines.

Step 1: Innovation & Entrepreneurship workshops

There are a total of six workshops that comprise the StartupReady program, each of which are offered once per term:  


Step 2: "How to Build a Start-Up: The Lean LaunchPad" online course 

You will have four weeks to complete The Lean LaunchPad online course, which includes four weekly, 1-hour facilitated check-ins with District 3. Register through GradProSkills using workshop code GPCB599.


Graduate students register though GradProSkills and undergraduate students register through FutureBound.

StartupReady Certificate

Upon completion of all six workshops and the LeanLaunchPad course you'll earn a StartupReady certificate and be ready to contribute to Montreal’s vibrant start-up community. 

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