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Graduate Seminar in University Teaching

This intensive seminar series in university teaching will prepare graduate students for an academic teaching career.

The Concordia Centre for Teaching and Learning (CLT) leads the seminar series in university teaching to foster the professional development of future teachers and researchers. 

Students who completed the course will be able to:

  • Apply the theory and practice of university teaching;
  • Develop a course syllabus;
  • Design and deliver lessons with greater confidence;
  • Express their teaching philosophy in a written statement for future job applications in teaching.

Course details

The seminar is offered in a few different formats. Depending on the time of year and other factors, it is offered in the following formats:

  1. In-person one-week intensive
    This is a 5-day seminar that usually runs Wednesday – Tuesday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  2. In-person Weekly intensive
    This is a 5-day seminar that runs once per week for five weeks from 9:30AM to 4:30 PM
  3. Fully online
    This is a combination of live synchronous and asynchronous instruction. This section usually runs as 90-minute Zoom sessions twice per week (usually Thursdays and Fridays 9:30- 11 AM) for 5 weeks in addition to online instructional activities.
  4. Blended
    This is a combination of in-person and asynchronous online instruction. In-person meetings usually run once per week from 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

The total estimated time commitment for all sections is approximately 57 hours. This includes 35 hours of instruction + 20-25 hours of course work (readings and assignments). Online classes that have fewer in-person or synchronous contact hours will have asynchronous instructional activities to be completed on Moodle.

There are four major assignments as part of this seminar which participants must complete in order to earn the certificate, which include:  

  • Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement  
  • Developing a Concept Map for a course you would like to teach  
  • Teaching a 10-15 minute mini-lesson  
  • Developing an original Course syllabus for a course you would like to teach.   

Feedback will be provided for assignments, but you will only receive a pass/fail.

Participants will receive a 35-hour certificate upon completion of seminar requirements. These requirements include attendance to all classes and completion of other instructional activities and assignments.

For further workshop information, contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Registration details

GradProSkills and the Centre for Teaching and Learning co-host the Graduate Seminar in University Teaching.

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