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Nura Jabagi

I explore the Gig-Economy and the shifting employment landscape from job-for-life to job-for-a-day. I aim to help organizations leverage new technologies to motivate gig-workers and manage the emerging ‘Liquid Workforce’.

Nura Jabagi is a doctoral candidate in Business Technology Management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Queen’s University and an MBA from the John Molson School of Business. Nura’s research is focused on the Digital Economy and understanding how technological advances coupled with macroeconomic trends are disrupting industries, businesses, and jobs. From the gig-economy to AI in the workplace, Nura aims to help organizations better prepare and manage the future of work. 


Business Technology Management


English, French


Anne-Marie Croteau


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NURA JABAGI: how can technologies help motivate gig workers and manage the “liquid workforce”?


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