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Nura Jabagi publishes an op-ed in La Presse about Téo Taxi's business model and mission

February 11, 2019

Nura Jabagi

As the story of Téo Taxi continues to develop and Québecor’s Pierre Karl Péladeau reportedly expresses interest in the company, Nura Jabagi, PhD candidate in Business Technology Management at Concordia, published an opinion piece in La Presse on Téo’s business model and mission.

With many calling the business model behind Montreal’s all-electric, app-based taxi service broken and questioning whether socially-conscious companies can compete in the gig-economy, Jabagi discusses the importance of distinguishing the start-up’s business model from its mission. She argues that this distinction is critical since Téo’s mission as an environmentally transportation service that promotes the ethical treatment of drivers is both admirable and important.

Pointing to the success of other socially-conscious gig-organizations and taxi services, Jabagi reminds readers that we shouldn’t give up hope on companies like Téo that are trying to make the world a better place.

Read the full article — in French — in La Presse’s opinions section.


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