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Professional resources

The Faculty of Fine Arts has the largest, most diverse set of making facilities of any fine art or performance school in Canada. Students are attracted to the Faculty for the quality of its production spaces, our state-of-the-art equipment and our dedicated staff.

Alex MacDonald

Fabrication shops
(core technical centres)

Located on the 8th floor of the EV building, the core technical centres are available to all Fine Arts students, faculty and researchers.

Visit the centres

Equipment depots

Centre for Digital Arts

The Centre for Digital Arts offers equipment lending services and audiovisual (AV) classroom support to everyone in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Fine Arts Academic & Research Facilities

The Academic and Research Facilities unit (formerly FAR) provides state-of-the-art equipment to Fine Arts faculty and students. Find out how to book their portable equipment.

Katelyn Dobbin

Galleries & exposition spaces

FOFA Gallery

Visit the FOFA Gallery

MFA Gallery

VAV Gallery

Visit the VAV Gallery

Leonard and Ellen Bina Art Gallery

Visit the Leonard and Ellen Bina Art Gallery

Black Box

Visit the Black Box research space

Dance studio

Explore this space

Sustainability and Fine Arts

(Concordia University’s Center for Creative Reuse)

CUCCR is dedicated to diverting materials from inside Concordia’s waste-stream and offering them to the general community free of cost. The centre provides many fine arts students with a variety of diverse materials for art making coming out of offices, departments, studios, and labs on our campus. A variety of wood, glass, metal, fibers, office supplies, plastics, paper, tools and equipment, and arts & crafts supplies fill the shelves.

Visit the CUCCR
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