Fibres & Material Practices

State-of-the-art Fibres and Material Practices facilities are located on the 9th floor of the visual arts tower in the EV building.

The structures studio includes:

  • Drum carders
  • Spinning wheels
  • A needle felting machine
  • Several 4-8-12 harness looms
  • A 24 harness AVL Dobby loom with Compu-dobby
  • A double bed electronic knitting machine

The printing and dyeing studio includes:

  • Two 8 meter printing tables with registration rails
  • A light table
  • A steamer
  • A heat transfer machine
  • Screen coating/drying/exposing/reclaiming equipment
  • A well-stocked dye lab equipped with natural gas burners
  • A ventilated wax room for surface applications
  • Darkroom facilities are also accessible

The paper-making studio includes:

  • Two 2lb capacity Hollander beaters
  • One hydropulper
  • A vacuum table
  • A hydraulic press
  • Floor drains
  • Moulds and vats for forming sheets up to 22” x 30”
  • Two sheet dryers

The Fibres computer lab 

Equipped with Macs and a PC running specialized software for textile design, a scanner, three printers including an Epson Stylus Pro 4880 dedicated to dye sublimation.

Fibres and Material Practices students also have access to several industrial and electronic sewing machines including a machine for digital embroidery.

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