Equipment and Video Depot

Room: EV 6.621, Telephone: 514-848-2424 ext. 5946

The Equipment and Video Depot on the 6th floor of the EV Building is the hub of IMCA's facilities. The depot is overseen by IMCA coordinator Benoit Chaussé, and staffed by workstudy students who provide technical assistance with student projects, equipment and editing. IMCA students can access video cameras, audio recorders, including lighting kits and other equipment to realize their projects.

Production Studio

Students have access to the 6th floor IMCA Production Studio for video and sound production, as well as performances and critiques. The production studio measures 1300 square feet and contains an extensive grid, professional lighting and grip equipment. Green screen (chroma-key), large white paper backdrop and black velvet curtain backdrops are available. The green screen includes a built-in cyclorama. 

Editing Suites

IMCA's seven private video editing suites support video production classes and student projects. 24-hour access is granted to all students enrolled in a video production class.

Hybrid Lab

The hybrid lab classroom supports the study of electronics, programming and screen-based digital art practice. The lab is equipped with computers, basic electronics gear and soldering equipment for each student.

Electronics Lab & Individual Studios

Staffed by technician Martin Peach, the Electronics lab is a shared space where student can work and present their work in electronics, programming or robotics. The Electronics Lab includes a large ceiling grid, an industrial sink and a compressed air regulator. Five individual studios are also available for students enrolled in IMCA classes.

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