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EV Building
Room S-EV 4-802
Room S-EV 4-767
Room S-EV 4-703 (service desk)

What you'll find

Photography students have access to a large print finishing area and two fully equipped shooting studios. A wide range of portable photographic equipment is also available, including digital, 4x5 and 6x7 cameras, electronic flash kits, soft boxes, tripods, light meters and other accessories. Students should have their own 35mm camera for basic courses. 

Digital facilities include:

  • High-end computers
  • A drum scanner
  • Two virtual drum scanners
  • Negative and flatbed scanners
  • 44” inkjet printers and other smaller printers

Analogue facilities include:

  • Colour darkroom
  • 20 color enlargers
  • 30” and 40” color processors with print viewing area
  • 18 B&W enlargers
  • A large print darkroom

Large ink jet printer. Photo by Anne-Renée Hotte.

Black and white photography facilities. Photo by Anne-Renée Hotte.

Photography classroom.

Colour darkrooms.

Colour enlarger.

Colour print viewing.

Colour processors.

Digital Lab. Photo by Anne-Renée Hotte.

Equipment depot. Photo by Anne-Renée Hotte.

Equipment storage. Photo by Anne-Renée Hotte.

Mural print darkroom.

Print finishing. Photo by Anne-Renée Hotte.

Photography service center. Photo by Anne-Renée Hotte.

Photography studio. Photo by Anne-Renée Hotte.

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