Print Media

Print Media students work in fully equipped, spacious, sunlit studios on the 9th floor in the EV building. Facilities include studios dedicated to lithography, intaglio, screenprinting, book arts and digital printing as well as a graphic arts darkroom.

The Lithography studio

The Lithography studio contains over 120 lithography stones of variable sizes; photo sensitive positive plates and ball grain plates; five presses including three direct and two offset; a manual offset press; and an electric large format Mailande press.

The Intaglio studio

The Intaglio studio contains four large presses; a ferric chloride etching system; rollers and brayers; and etching and engraving tools.

Yellow exposure room

Yellow exposure room is located between the lithography, book arts and intaglio studios and is used for developing photopositive plates, polymer plates and intaglio photo emulsions. 

The Screenprint studio

The Screenprint studio is equipped to print both acrylic and UV ink; contains printing tables; light tables; a large format exposure table; a dark room; vacuum tables; and aluminum screens.

The Digital lab

The Digital lab contains up-to-date Mac workstations; three large-format digital inkjet printers; a laser printer for printing transparencies; and a flatbed scanner.

The Relief / Letterpress

The Relief / Letterpress studio includes two Vandercook proofing presses and a large selection of metal and wood type. It supports two book arts courses and an upcoming polymer plate processing unit purchase will offer a greater range of possibility for relief processes.

The Curation Room

The Curation Room is a multipurpose space that is situated between the lithography studio and the digital printing lab. It contains magnetized walls to facilitate critiques and a projector for presentations by students, instructors and visiting artists. It also serves as a place to tear and register paper in preparation for printing.

The Darkoom facilities

The Darkoom facilities are used for developing films on photo litho plates and photosensitive emulsions for screenprint and intaglio.

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