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Specialization in Film and Moving Image Studies

What is the Specialization Program?

The Specialization in Film and Moving Image Studies provides an opportunity for a limited number of the most qualified students to follow an intensive program of concentration in Film and Moving Image Studies. A Specialization in Film and Moving Image Studies is the Fine Arts’ equivalent of an “honours” degree. It offers students greater opportunities to attend small classes and focused, advanced seminars. It provides official recognition of distinguished academic achievement on your transcript, marking your studies at Concordia with additional distinction. It will also impress prospective employers, future educational institutions, family and friends.

What distinguishes the Specialization Program from a Major in Film and Moving Image Studies?

  1. The opportunity to register for up to 6 credits in “Cinema” courses other than Film and Moving Image Studies (the year-long “Filmmaking 1” class). Places are limited, so please indicate interest in this pathway in your application.
  2. Priority access to small, advanced, special topics seminars taught by faculty members engaged in leading research in the field.
  3. Priority access to the “Specialization Seminar” which provides practical advice on future careers in film—filmmaking; film institutions, including archives and festivals; the film industry, including distribution; film teaching; criticism and film reviewing; scholarship and research. This seminar also features visits by working filmmakers, programmers, educators and other professionals who discuss career possibilities with participants in an intimate setting.

*Please note: Only the top 5-ranking students accepted into the Specialization Program will be admitted to Filmmaking 1.

Admission requirements and applications

What is required?

  • Acceptance to the Specialization in Film and Moving Image Studies is based on the student’s performance and the rationale they supply on the application form.
  • To be admitted, you must have a B+ average (CGPA 3.30).

How do I apply?

  • An email call is made to all Film and Moving Image Studies students in early February with a link to submit an application via Microsoft Forms.
  • Indicate whether or not you are interested in being considered for Filmmaking I.
  • Make sure to include compelling reasons for why you should be accepted into this program.
  • The deadline is mid-February, exact date indicated when the intial call is made.

Degree requirements

  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program, Specialization in Film and Moving Image Studies, consists of 66 credits for the concentration, and an additional 24 elective credits to make up the 90 required for the degree.  Full-time students normally complete 30 credits annually over three years.
  • Accordingly, please note that the Specialization program consists of 18 credits more than for a Major, 9 of which must be from our 400-level seminar offerings.  You will likely need to be enrolled for an additional term or a (fourth) year in order to complete all of your credits for the Specialization.
  • There are more compulsory classes required to graduate with a Specialization than the Major.  For further details, please consult the relevant program guide.


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