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OSAP: Studying full time this Summer?

If you are an OSAP full time student who obtained loans in previous term(s) 2022-2023 and would like to continue your full-time funding into summer 2023, you can complete a new full time OSAP application through your portal for May 10th, 2023 to August 20th, 2023. Alternatively, you can contact our office for an Application Update in the Study period(s) 2022-2023. Upon completion by our office, the form will be returned to you for uploading. Please note, you need to be enrolled full time at least 9 credits are considered full time for OSAP funding, if you are a student with an OSAP confirmed disability, full-time is 6 credits. Please register early for your summer 2023 classes to avoid delays in the form’s completion. 

You can find the OSAP application form here.

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