Accessing Concordia’s Learning Technologies

Remote Concordia courses require the use of a Concordia email account and one or more official Concordia learning technologies. These include Moodle, Office 365, and Zoom. To facilitate use of these tools and protect your personal information, follow the five steps below:

1. Activate your student email account

A. Visit the page to activate your Office 365 email. This link can also be found in the Student Hub, on the My CU Account page.

Note: If you have forgotten your Concordia netname or password, visit the password reset page.

B. Click Request to Activate Office 365 Email Box.

C. Your email address will be displayed and will follow the standard format: Allow up to two business days for the new email account to be created.

Note: The actual email address and mailbox is address, while the is an alias to that mailbox. There are certain places where it is required to use the address due to system limitations. Therefore, you will sometimes see the address listed in this guide and on IITS service catalogue, but otherwise the address can be used.

2. Update your email address information in your Student Centre

A. Go to the personal information section of your Student Centre. 

B. Click Email Addresses.

C. You cannot delete your existing preferred or home email address, but you can change the information by typing directly over the existing email address and checking the Preferred box beside your Concordia email address.

D. Click Save to finalize the change.

The link to manage your personal information can also be found on the Student Hub's My CU Account page.

Insert the concordia email address on home tab and select as preferred.

3. Access your Concordia email account

A. Once your student email account has been successfully activated, follow these steps to access your email account:

I. Go to the Office 365 login page.

II. Enter your Concordia netname and password.

B. If you want to download Outlook to access your email account from the application, follow these instructions.

4. Acquire a Zoom account and connect it to Concordia Software Client

A. Go to the Concordia Zoom web conferencing portal.

B. Sign in using your Concordia netname and password.

C. Download the Zoom client application (available for PC, MAC, and mobile


Note: Mobile users can download the mobile application directly to their device by

visiting the app store (iTunes, Google Play Store, etc.) and searching for the 'Zoom' application.

D. Once the download is complete, open your Zoom client application.

E. Click Sign in.

F. To make sure to connect to the Concordia Software client, select Sign In with SSO.

When signing in on Zoom client application, make sure to sign in with SSO

G. In the “Company Domain” field, type: concordia-ca, then click Continue.

Type concordia-ca in the company domain field in the sign in with SSO pop up

H. In the pop-up window, sign in using your Concordia netname and password.

I. Click Launch Zoom.

J. To ensure that your Zoom application is kept up to date, click on the profile picture (or picture placeholder) in the top right corner of your application interface.

K. Select Check for Updates from the drop-down menu.

Check for updates by clicking in this option on the side bar menu. To access the side bar menu, click on your profile picture besides the search bar.

L. Click Update.

5. Access Office 365 Education

Active Concordia students have access to Office 365 Education - a collection of services that allows you to collaborate and share your schoolwork. The services are available for free and include an email address, Office online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), 1 TB of OneDrive storage, Yammer, and SharePoint. The subscription also allows you to install the full suite of Office software on up to 5 computers and 5 mobile devices free of charge.

Once your student email account has been successfully activated, follow these steps:

A. Go to the Office 365 login page.

B. Enter your on the main login page.

C. You will be redirected to the Concordia-specific login screen.

D. Enter your netname and password (same as the Student Hub) to log in.

E. If you prefer to install the Office 365 apps on your computer instead of using the online version, click the Install Office button.

Get help

Please direct any questions you have about using Moodle, Zoom, or Office 365 to

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