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Economics courses, 2024-25

 For information about classroom numbers for in-person courses, instructor names, and prerequisites, please refer to the course schedule accessible via the Student Hub, and to the course outline for information about course content, assignments and exams, and the instructor's office hours.

Economics (ECON) courses on offer in 2024-25

Economics (ECON) elective course descriptions

When in doubt, always refer to the course outline!

In person
You and your fellow students meet with your instructor each week on campus for teaching activities during regularly scheduled hours. Indicated with a room number in the course schedule. The main lecture sessions may be supplemented with labs or tutorials, which may take place in person.

Students and the instructor alternate between synchronous face-to-face, on-campus classes and asynchronous course work guided by the instructor and completed by you on your own time. Indicated with the code BL in the course schedule, with a room number for the in-person elements. A course is considered blended when 25 to 75 per cent of the course activities, excluding exams, are carried out asynchronously.

In the vast majority of cases, students and the instructor do not meet in person, since learning activities happen online through eConcordia or Moodle in the case of ECON 201 and 203. Activities are usually asynchronous, but many courses do involve synchronous or even in-person elements. Indicated with the code EC in the course schedule.

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