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in Green Inorganic Chemistry
Bio-Inspired Oxidation Catalysis

About the research

These positions aim at developing novel catalytic methods to carry out oxidations of organic compounds. This work applies to both fine-chemical synthesis and pollutant degradation.

Research in the XoRG strives to harvest the oxidative power of simple oxidants such as molecular oxygen or hydrogen peroxide in order to develop organic oxidation processes that are both selective and environmentally benign. The MSc/PhD student will (1) synthesize and characterize a series of tailored-designed, redox noninnocent metal complexes and (2) perform oxidation reaction screening and optimizing under a variety of stoichiometric and catalytic conditions. At the PhD level, the student shall also study the reaction mechanism via spectroscopy and/or computation. This work is at the confluence of coordination, bio-inorganic, organic and green chemistry. Student thus received extensive training in marketable skills and techniques.

The XoRG is a vibrant and friendly group. We accept candidates of all backgrounds. The successful candidate will have many opportunities to present at conferences, write articles, disseminate their research and collaborate amidst the Qu├ębec-wide Centre of Green Chemistry and Catalysis.


  • BSc (Honours or Specialization) or MSc degree in chemistry.
  • Strong knowledge of undergraduate organic and coordination chemistry.
  • Impeccable organization and communication (in English).
  • Research experience in synthetic chemistry is a bonus.
  • Eligibility for external funding is a bonus.

Financial Commitment

Selected students will receive funding with an annual minimum of $17,500 (MSc, 2 years) / $20,000 (PhD, 3 years), augmented by both internal and external funding. Consideration for Entrance Awards is automatically part of the admissions process for all applicants who submit their full application by the posted deadlines. Successful applicants will be expected to also apply for individual funding, as applicable.

How to apply

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Contact us

Ayanna Ryan
Coordinator, Graduate Recruitment, Admissions and Retention
Faculty of Arts and Science

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