Water Waste

In Canada we are fortunate to have plentiful, available and clean water available to its population at a very low cost. However, the average Canadian is using over 200 litres of potable water each day. Find out how how you can help us to minimize water waste at Concordia!

Water - Refill station

Managing Water Waste at Concordia

Concordia recognises that water is a limited resource whose misuse adversely effects the local and global environments. Every drop that flows from our taps should have a justifiable purpose and overall water use should be monitored to identify and mitigate losses. The following strategies have been adopted by Concordia to reduce its water use:

  • Installation of aerators on existing taps
  • Installation of low-flow toilets
  • Collection and use of rain water
  • Limited use of irrigation systems, preferring plants that are drought resistant
  • Advanced water quality control and treatment for cooling towers
  • Real-time water metering of all major buildings
  • Promotion of refillable water bottles and provision of bottle-fillers on drinking fountains
  • Specification of low-flow water fixtures in all new constructions and renovations

Low-waste Water Tips on Campus

Use a bottle filling station: Filling stations were installed to facilitate access to drinking water with the removal of bottled water from vending machines in May 2012.

Flush up: Newer buildings, such as EV, MB and GE, have low-flow toilets. When you flush push the handle upwards to save water.

Turn off the tap: After washing your hands make sure you turn off the tap correctly. Dripping water is a waste of this precious resource.

Report leaks: If you see a leak, even as small one, report it to Facilities Management at extension 2400 or Call2400@concordia.ca.

Daily habits: Consider limiting your shower time and turning off the water when brushing your teeth and washing your dishes! Little changes can make a world of difference.

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