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Student Sustainability Ambassadors

Our partners commit to providing high-quality learning and leadership environments for our Sustainability Ambassadors. Through volunteering, you will become a pivotal ambassador in the sustainability culture change at Concordia.

Zaphra Ward

Environment and Sustainability in Biology, Undergraduate

Yearim Yang

Building Engineering, Graduate

Wynona Acco-Barron

Environment and Sustainability Sciences, Undergraduate

Tristan McKenna

Biology and Journalism, Undergraduate

Shubham Todi

Business Administration, Graduate

Semini Nawalage

Environmental Science - Angiosperm Phylogeny, Doctoral

Rianna Huynh

Design, Undergraduate

Pramila Choudhary

Geography, Urban and Environmental studies, Doctoral

Maya Oliva-Kreysa

Human Environment, Undergraduate

Mara Tartamella

Behavioural Neuroscience, Undergraduate

Janelle Vandenbrink

Environmental Assessment, Graduate

Love Mbata

Economics, Graduate

Lauren Rapley

Environmental Science, Undergraduate

Irtaza Hussain

Urban Studies, Undergraduate

Ines Chammaa

Environmental & Sustainability Science, Undergraduate

Ian Zhi Quan Lee

Economics, Undergraduate

Evleen Kaur

Psychology/English Literature, Undergraduate

Di Wang

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate

Athena Tsilimigakis

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate

Annie Nguyen

Psychology, Undergraduate

Anjali Joji Mathew

Civil Engineering and Management, Graduate

Abhinanv Deshwar

Industrial Engineering, Graduate
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