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Student Sustainability Ambassadors

Our partners commit to providing high-quality learning and leadership environments for our Sustainability Ambassadors. Through volunteering, you will become a pivotal ambassador in the sustainability culture change at Concordia.

Renata Rodriguez

Undergraduate, English Literature and Political Science

Katharina Le Juge De Segrais

Undergraduate, Environmental Science, Specialised in Ecology

Aditya Shah

Undergraduate, Industrial Engineering

Mireya Palacios Jimenez

Undergraduate, Business Management with a Minor in Sustainability

Sydney Brierley

Undergraduate, Psychology

Ralph Kiderchah

Undergraduate, Environmental Geography

Anicha Anli

Undergraduate, Human Environment and Community, Policy, and Public Affairs

Camilia Loignon-Gagnon

Undergraduate, Human Environment

Hannah Huyer

Undergraduate, Sociology

Juliana Rodriguez

Undergraduate, Anthropology with a Biology Minor

Kavi Neva

Undergraduate, English literature with a Minor in Human Rights

Milan Nguyen

Undergraduate, Community, Public Affairs & Policy Studies

Louise Van Oel

Undergraduate, English and History

Eva Bliss

Undergraduate, Human Environment and Irish Studies with a minor in Sustainability

Joseph Collier

Undergraduate, Anthropology & Sociology with a minor in Sustainability

Diane Maldonado

Undergraduate, Specialization in Environmental and Sustainability Science

Nazeer Rahim Bhati

Graduate, Mechanical Engineering

Vrinda Nair

Doctoral, Physics
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