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Through the program, you’ll learn new skills, develop leadership experience, build a peer network and support projects over an 8-month period.

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Benefits of being a Sustainability Ambassador

  • Get credit on your co-curricular record
  • Increase your knowledge about local and global sustainability problems
  • Get support on the design and implementation of sustainability projects that respond to your key campus concerns 
  • Connect with other students interested in promoting sustainability education
  • Learn about  Concordia initiatives, groups, and departments working towards sustainability on campus
  • Become a confident, informed sustainability leader
  • Learn about fostering successful group dynamics, strategies for tackling sustainability issues and project development, and reporting systems
  • Gain job-related skills and strategies for integrating sustainability into your career
  • If eligible, undergraduates can claim academic credit through the LOYC 420 internship course

Outcomes of the program


You’ll be able to explain sustainability initiatives, resources, and strategies at Concordia while linking them to broader environmental and social challenges.


You’ll be able to use social change strategies and personal values to address conflict, problem solve and confidently make decisions in volunteer locations.


You’ll know how to design and implement a report, workshop, presentation, or project that responds effectively and creatively to an on-campus sustainability problem. 


You’ll be ready to plan, motivate and facilitate collaborative and participatory sustainability educational activities that increase sustainability culture on campus.

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