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Montreal is a culturally diverse city and the you should be able to the food you are loooking for!

On-campus food resources

Here are some on-campus food resources.

Local supermarkets

Here is a list of the main supermarket chains in Montreal. Simply use their store locator to find the one closet to you!

Which Montreal supermarket chain is best for you? Explore the various options in your neighbourhood and get a sense of which supermarket offers the right balance of convenience, variety, and affordability to suit your needs.

  • IGA : A full-service province-wide chain, IGA has opened in multiple Montreal locations in recent years. IGA is one of the best choices available for grocery shopping in Montreal. You can get excellent cheese, bread and fresh meats here, with a huge frozen section usually found somewhere down the back.
  • Provigo: A chain of large supermarkets, often selling higher-end brands. A weekly shop here can often come to more than $100 at the till, but the quality is often worth the outlay.
  • Metro: With ample locations across the city, you could find yourself living close to Metro supermarket. That’s good news is you enjoy a broad selection of local and imported beers, but bad news if getting absolutely everything on your shopping list, as Metro is often out of some goods you would expect to find in an urban supermarket. Late opening hours are a bonus, however.
  • PA: The hectic atmosphere found in most PA supermarket underlines a simple reality: affordability. When searching for accommodation in Montreal, find out if there is a PA nearby. You’ll be glad you checked, because as well as being good value, PA offers quality meat, produce, and breads.
  • L’intermarché: This urban supermarket has a range of locations east of Boulevard St-Laurent and towards the north of the Island of Montreal. L’intermarché offers most items you may need for a weekly shopping trip. Keep an eye out for daily deals.
  • Super C: Selling a range of cheaper brands, Super C is particularly popular among young families in the suburbs of Montreal. Super C does not have much of a presence closer to downtown Montreal, though there is one location in Saint-Henri.
  • Adonis: Founded by Lebanese immigrants in the 1970’s, Adonis has multiple locations across Montreal. The highlight is the Adonis deli counter, a favourite among students and workers in search of a large, affordable lunch. Adonis also functions as a full-scale supermarket.

Apart from the big supermarkets chains, there is also a multitude of other grocey stores around the city. Look around your neighbourhood and you are likely to find a bunch of smaller grocery stores.

Here are the 10 cheapest grocery stores in Montreal, as well as grocey stores where you can travel around the world.

Public markets

Pucli markets are scattered across the Island of Montréal. Throughout the year, you’ll find fresh, local and seasonal produce and products.


Iconic Montreal Foods

There are several foods Montreal is renowned for. Here are some of the most iconically Montreal ones and where you can try them!

  • Poutine: Various places claim the credit for this invention but poutine was born in rural Quebec in the 1950’s. The dish is made of fresh-cut French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. You can find poutine in many restaurants throughout Quebec and Canada but one in perticular specializes in everything poutine: la Banquise offers over 30 varieties from the classis to the T-Rex.
  • Bagels: A bagel is a dense, chewy, doughy bread with a browned and sometimes crisp exterior. Bagels are often topped with seeds baked on the outer crust, with the traditional ones being poppy and sesame seeds. For years, there has been a debate as to which Montreal Bagel shop offers the best bagels: St-Viateur Bagel or Fairmount Bagel.
  • Smoked meat: Smoked meat: Montreal-style smoked meat is a meat product made by salting and curing beef brisket with spices. The brisket is allowed to absorb the flavours over a week, is then hot smoked to cook through, and finally is steamed to completion. Montreal smoked meat is offered in many diners and fast food restaurant chains in Montreal, the rest of Quebec, and the rest of Canada. Along with bagels, smoked meat has been popular in Montreal since the 19th century and is identified as emblematic of the city's cuisine. The most renowned smoked meat eatery is, without a doubt, Schwartz's Deli.
  • Orange Julep: The orange Julep is a sugary, frothy, orangey drink. It’s native to just one place, but that place happens to be a Montréal institution and a roadside attraction, featuring an impressively giant orange-like orb hanging out at the side of the highway: a structure shaped like a giant, much larger-than-life orange. This three-story, 40-foot-wide (12 meters) fruit is home to the Gibeau Orange Julep restaurant, which has become a landmark in the city’s skyline as well as its foodie scene.


Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per Capita in Canada and the second in North America after New York city. Montreal’s restaurant scene is very cosmopolitan with menus from literally around the world.

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