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Insurance for Dependents


Health insurance coverage is also highly recommended for spouses and children who are accompanying an international student to Canada. Couple or family coverage is available with the Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan for Concordia International Students, but must be purchased WITHIN 31 DAYS of the arrival of the spouse and/or children to Canada. However, there is no obligation for your dependents to be covered by this Plan. For information on other insurers who provide Visitor's Insurance on an individual basis, please see a list of websites below. You can compare their plans and choose the one that best fits your current situation. Keep in mind that not all plans are comparable and it is the responsibility of the student to check on the plan details.

Please note that international students MUST be covered by the Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan for Concordia International Students even if their dependents are covered by another insurance provider. 

How to add your dependants (spouse and/or children) to your Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan

Students who select the Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan for Concordia International Students for their spouse and/or children will be required to provide their names and dates of birth to the ISO as well the date of their arrival to Canada so that an insurance card can be issued for them. Also, a couple or family coverage will be charged to the student’s account. You have 31 days, from the day your dependent becomes eligible for coverage, to apply for couple/family coverage under the Health Insurance Plan for Concordia University International Students, without proof of good health. After this 31 days period, your dependent will have to supply proof of good health and be approved by Blue Cross before they could be covered. For more information on how to add your dependants, please visit the ISO.

Information on pregnancy

For any pregnancy-related issues which involve your Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan, Please read some FAQs, below or visit the ISO.

Children born in Canada whose parents are not Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents are considered Canadian citizens from the time their birth is registered with the proper authorities. These children, however, do not qualify under the Quebec Health Insurance coverage (Quebec Medicare) and will still need to have private insurance coverage.  It is highly recommended that you add your newly born child to your Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan for International Students within 31 days of birth. 

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