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Meet & Write

Helping you reach your academic goals, one page at a time



Meet & Write will return in September


Meet & Write is a weekly writing session that brings together graduate students from all disciplines. This event fosters an encouraging community that engages in open discussion in order to create accountability while also motivating one another. This approach has demonstrated to be effective in overcoming common struggles such as writer’s block, procrastination, or determining which task to prioritize – especially when the project at hand is overwhelming! The purpose is to help students reach their writing objectives (thesis, articles, grant applications, comprehensive exams, etc.), while also encouraging and supporting one another.

What are the objectives of Meet & Write?

The purpose of Meet & Write is to enable students to:

  • Achieve their writing objectives by scheduling writing periods of time
  • Fueling their writing momentum
  • Setting writing priorities along with SMART objectives
  • Cope with writing pressure by providing a safe space to share doubts, fears, and challenges
  • Break social isolation by connecting with peers facing similar challenges


How is Meet and Write structured?

Each session is structured in two 45-minutes writing blocks, along with discussion, and presenting writing tips.

Participants are encouraged to have their writing goals and milestones set in advance in order to maximize the writing session. For example, students should have:

  • A plan (e.g., What will you be working on today? What is the goal or milestone you hope to achieve? How many words, paragraphs, or sections do you wish to write? How many articles are you planning to read?)
  • All writing materials (e.g. notebooks, books and articles related to the day’s goal, graphs and images, etc.)
  • A comfortable setting and essential items (e.g.. headphones, water, snacks)


Join Pamela and Joseph, two Ph.D. candidates and GradProSkills experienced team members, for our weekly online writing quest!

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