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Graduate Research Scholarship Application Prep

There are numerous funding programs available to graduate students who are undertaking academic research and working towards a thesis.  

This Summer workshop series, lead by the School of Graduate Studies’ Graduate Awards Office, coaches prospective and current graduate students on how to prepare a strong application to either of the federal or provincial government funding agencies:

  • Social sciences and humanities: SSHRC and FRQSC
  • Natural sciences and engineering: NSERC and FRQNT
  • Health: CIHR and FRQS

Summer 2021 Workshops

GPLL466 - Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students in a Research program

GPLL440 - Developing a competitive scholarship application: Strategies and tips for all disciplines

GPLL432 - Funding-related research proposals in the social sciences and humanities (SSHRC/FRQSC)

GPLL430 - Funding-related research proposals: natural sciences, engineering & health (NSERC/FRQNT & CIHR/FRQS)

GPLL433 - Social sciences & humanities (SSHRC/FRQSC): Developing your Master’s/Doctoral funding application

GPLL431 - Natural sciences, engineering, and health: Developing your Master’s or Doctoral funding application


Important note:

These workshop are intended for students in research-based graduate programs, who are preparing a Fall scholarship application to a federal or provincial government research agency. 

In addition to current graduate students, these workshops are also open to applicants looking to support future graduate studies at Concordia (for example, programs starting between Sept 2021 and Jan 2023). Future students should register directly with the above Zoom link. Current students may choose to register using the above Zoom link or in their student portal.

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